[Mod post] Out of town for the next week

As I am heading to Tibet for about a week or so, I'm not bringing my laptop for safety reasons, meaning that I'm relying on you all to post prompts in my absence.

Be creative, and I'll see you all soon!

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The craters in your face

Today's prompt asks you to, once again, dive into the world of the unusual for your artistic inspiration. Write about someone's face (not necessarily someone you know) as if it were a natural landmark, being shaped and shifted by the elements over time.

Alternatively, take the title and completely run with it! Have fun!

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Photo negative

So, quite obviously, my hope for the next week (that I'd be able to post a prompt every day, no worries) fell through, leaving all of you high and dry in terms of actual writing material. I'm not sure how many people are still regularly around, though I do get stories in my inbox every now and then, making it a point to read them, even if I don't offer any criticism myself.

Anyway, for this prompt, I'm going to send you along a journey that I've currently been encapsulated by myself. That is, I was struck with a bizarre amount of inspiration this morning, and have set to work on my next (longer) short story.

Today, write about an amateur avant-garde film director, who shot, produced, and edited the entire film themselves. In the meantime, however, splice sections of the film that are playing with other scenes, of other people, perhaps from the film, perhaps from other characters' points of view. At the end, use the film once more in order to unite both storylines.

Sound sufficiently confusing? As you can see, it's got a bit of work yet, but I've got high hopes for you all as writers, though we all come and go from time to time, we've all ended up here for a reason, if not by choice. I hope you enjoy!

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That godforsaken aerial

No spoilers in this post, I promise.

Today, write about someone who, having been awoken in the middle of the night, goes out for a midnight jog, and finds themselves utterly and completely alone. Depending on where you place this character, this can be typical or completely baffling.

What is the character's first reaction upon their discovery? Do major facilities (power, water, etc.) still work? Do they wait for sunrise to discover the rest of the day?


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"That ringing in your ears is the last time you'll ever hear that frequency." Coming from a line spoken in Children of Men, whether or not it's true, everyone has, at some point, experienced this "ringing" tone, being indescribable to those unaware, and leaving as quickly as it arrives.

Today, write about someone who is prone to random, occasionally violent outbursts, seemingly connected to tinnitus episodes. Though the character in question believes it is something else entirely, many others have gone on the record arguing otherwise.

What does the character believe? How do they take the news that they are "wrong?" What exactly happens in these episodes?

I've got a few more lined up, but in the meantime, have fun!

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Language barrier

Today, write about someone whose life has been substantially altered by someone miscommunicating something years ago, perhaps not even to the narrator/person in question. For those that obsess about communication, being consumed by a misunderstanding is not entirely out of reach, particularly if one chooses to throw in a dash of the surreal.

Tomorrow…I'll plan out a week's worth of prompts, somehow. I promise.

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