[Text] Write about someone you know named Sarah.

One of the most common names in the world, describe your Sarah.

Was she the class cheerleader? Was she your first kiss? Was Sarah the name of your waitress at dinner? Was she the girl in the cubicle next to you who had the aloe plant?

Tell me about your Sarah, or Sara.

Sometimes when I'm stuck, I find that it helps to get the creative juices flowing to write about something I know.

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Phantom Limb [Text]

Give me your best shot at describing what its like to have a phantom limb.

As I understand it, a phantom limb is where you still feel like you have a limb, but you physically don't. It still has the ability to feel pain, you might reach for things and expect to grab them even though you don't have an arm, or expect to walk even though you don't have a leg.

Put it in what ever form you want, but tell me about your ghostly appendage.

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So, I've lived in Central California my entire life, and have ended up sleeping through every earthquake we've ever had. It's very disappointing. So, /r/PromptOfTheDay, make it up to me. Write about an earthquake today. It could be the earthquake that ends the world, or simply a little shake that influences your story in some way. Hell, you could have Cthulhu climb out of the rift if you want. Have fun!

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[TEXT] Turning Point (X-Post from /r/WritingPrompts)

Give us a story in which your character encounters a crisis of epic proportions in which they must consciously decide what they believe to be the truth in order to endure.

Note that this means they may intentionally lie to themselves to be able to accept what has transpired.

Remember… epic.


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