[TEXT] The Dying of the Light

One day in the far off future our descendants may find a way to switch off the gene responsible for aging, making us virtually immortal.

What happens when we grow tired of living?


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[TEXT] The Letter

You are shocked to receive a letter in the mail from someone who was once a close friend. They disappeared almost 5 years ago under very mysterious circumstances.

You wonder why anyone would use snail mail in this day and age. Your attention is drawn to the date of the postmark.

November 22, 1963

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Thoughts of a Dying Astronaut (Repost of an earlier prompt).

This is a prompt by Legoland that, even though I never got around to finishing anything for, always stood out for me.

Today, imagine yourself as an astronaut, one of many, up in space, working on some important equipment, when you are forced out of your harness, and deeper into space. With all hope of rescue lost, you are relegated to sending out communications to the station, and any receivers on Earth. As you drift further and further away, however, your messages will take longer to send, and thus, may not reach at all. What are your thoughts as you experience this situation? What do you send, what do you say? Is there anyone in particular who you try to contact? Do you leave a log for those who will eventually collect your body? Be crafty, and have fun!

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[TEXT] The Project

The character in this prompt has been working on a project for a very long time. Years of their life have fallen away before their eyes as they slave endlessly away. Finally, the day has arrived. It's almost done. It's… what is it? 🙂

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