[TEXT]: “God waited in heaven. Nobody came.”

Your main character dies, and goes to heaven. But when he gets there, the gate is open and heaven itself is empty. What does he find in this deserted paradise? Where are the other people? And more importantly, where is the ruler of it all?

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[TEXT] There are no gatekeepers

Something has shifted within the multiverse. There are none left guarding the doorways to other dimensions. Something is coming.

Nothing will stop it.

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[TEXT] Imagine if you will

A world without limits. A world where any power you can imagine is yours to command. A world where anything is possible. A world where you are a god.

Just like everyone else.

Now try to envision what would happen if there was a war. How would that play out?

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[TEXT] The Hunter


The Hunter watches as the trees kept falling. It'd been happening for days now and he had no idea why. He'd tried getting closer to the line of fallen trees but every time he drew near he'd pass out and wake up back where he'd began. He knew that there was something wrong, but what was it?


Who is The Hunter? How ls he related to the forest? Why are the trees falling? What is stopping him from getting closer? What is happening?

I'll leave it there, go you creative writers you. Even if it's only a few hundred words or less. Just write. And post your story in a comment, I'll try to provide feedback for all of them. Not saying I'll be able to improve it since I'm not that great at writing, but I'll try anyway. What are you waiting for? WRITE!

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[TEXT] Liar!

At a public speaking engagement, a popular politician has a previous lie exposed by an unexpected source. The scale of the lie is so monumental, it will affect the lives of citizens of this country for many generations to come.

In the chaos that ensues, shots ring out.

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