Delightfully enough, I think I'm the target of a downvote bot, for seemingly nearly every time I put a post up, about 10 minutes later it's been downvoted. Dunno how I can prove it though.

Anyway, here's today's prompt. For many people around the world, apartment housing is their only option as they attempt to make a living in a rather curious job market. It seems that while in the Western world, privacy is valued between tenants, elsewhere, neighbors will become friends, sharing food, gossip, and anything else that they can.

Today, write about a series of apartments that, by one reason or another, is forced to enter into a community with each other. Whether due to unsafe streets, city mandate, or just trying to discover more about each other, write about the dynamics that might arise from such a situation, or just the thoughts of someone who utterly hates all of her neighbors. Have fun!

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NSFW Cover…

"Don't judge a book by its cover."

Write about a time you, or your character, misjudged based on outward appearances. Write about a time you, or a character, gained something from an outward judgement.

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