[TEXT] Halloween Prompt: Prank Gone Wrong

The goal of this Halloween prompt is to write a story about a husband who pranks his wife on Halloween, but the prank goes wrong..

The husband has paid some neighborhood kids to line up on the sidewalk around the house completely still and silent. As the wife answers the door for the trick-or-treaters, she becomes increasingly more concerned. Just when the wife is completely freaked out, there’s a loud bang from outside and one of the kids in the line is found on the ground. People begin running in all directions, but the other children in the line form a circle around the kid on the ground.  A police officer comes running up and asks what happened. All of the kids point to the husband.

What happens next?


[TEXT] Halloween Prompt: Glitch in the Matrix

The goal of this Halloween prompt is to write a spooky story about a character who has a moment of déjà vu. When they try to tell others about the experience, no one believes them. How does this affect the relationship between the characters? Does your character feel slighted because his/her story wasn’t believed? Do the people who hear about the experience begin to think that your character is losing their mind?

And, of course, here’s the “Glitch in the Matrix” clip.